Top 5 Baseball Codes

September 7, 2017

Being that major league baseball’s postseason is rapidly approaching us, we here at, have decided to list our Top 5 baseball codes.  Because we love all of our code terms equally, narrowing it down to an elite group of five was a very challenging experience for us, but we fear nothing and regret less.  I hope you all enjoy this list and will use it at some point in time and incorporate these codes in your daily life.

The Top 5 Baseball Codes

1. Homerun – To get laid. To have sex

2. Walkoff – Receiving a “homerun” on the 1st night.

3. Around The Horn – Being passed around a group sexually by a group of friends

4. Staff Ace – Your #1 “Draft Pick” in the “rotation”.

5. Pitch Count – The number of drinks it usually takes to get a person drunk.

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