Code Words For Sex

October 17, 2017
Code Words About Sex

Code Words For Sex

In all honesty, people often have a difficult time when it comes to talking about sex.  Especially, during those moments when family, co-workers or close friends are around.  So, it makes perfect sense that people resort to using their own made up discreet and hilarious code words for sex.   Below are examples of how our favorite sports related code words from “The Code” are used to refer to the big S-E-X.  These examples, can serve multiple purposes in regards to hinting at sex.  Whether it is letting your partner know that you are ready to go, or by being sly among a group of buddies.  These field-tested code terms, will get you through any sticky situation.

Around The Horn – Being passed around a group of friends, sexually.

Assist – Helping a friend “score”.

Basket – To have sex.

Bowl A Turkey – To have sex three times on the same night and/or three nights in a row.

Bowling – To have sex.

Batting Helmet – A condom.

Belly-to-Belly – When two people have sex with the same person on the same night, but not at the same time.  See “Back To Back”.

Big Red Machine – Another way to reference a woman’s period.

Cash-In – Special Occasion Sex.

Corked Bat – A male who chooses to use Viagra® or similar products during intimacy.

Crushing The Ball – Great Mindblowing Sex.  See “Barn Burner”.

Goal – To have sex.

Hit For The Cycle – Touching all 4 bases on the same date.

Homerun – To have sex.

Home Field Advantage – Sex at your own house.

Score – To have sex.

Touchdown – Another code for getting laid.

Walkoff – Receiving sex on the first night.