Assist – Helping a friend “score”.

Delay of Game – When someone takes too long getting ready for an “at-bat”, “press-conference”, “mound visit”, etc.

Empty Net Goal – When you score on a female who is drunk.

Lineup – Your party go-to roster.  See also “rotation”.

Pidgeon – A person who isn’t good enough to “score” on their own, so they hang around to pick up the leftovers of their more skilled “teammates”.

Playmaker – A wingman or wingwoman.  See “assist”.

Power Play Goal – A threesome which includes 2 members (M, M) of the same sex having sex with 1 member (F)  of the opposite sex.  See “shorthanded goal”.

Pull The Goalie – When a female decides to go off her birth control pill.

Ride The Pine – Refers to someone who spends the entire night out against or sitting at the bar, instead of trying to approach the opposite sex.

Rent-A-Winger – A person you don’t plan on being with a long time.  See “cup of coffee”.

Score – To have sex.  To get laid.  See also “homerun”, “touchdown” & “basket”.

Shorthanded Goal – A threesome which includes 1 member (M) of the opposite sex having sex with 2 members (F, F) of the same sex.  See “power play goal”.

The Trap – When a person or group of people intentionally cockblock you.