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Other Sports Codes

1st Rounder – A person you really want to “score” with.

Bowling – To have sex.

Bowl A Turkey – To have sex three times on the same night and/or three nights in a row.

Contract – Another term for a relationship.

Cup of Coffee – A short date or short term relationship.  See also “Rent-A-Winger”.

Draft Pick – Somebody you want to hook up with.

Free Agent – When a person is single.

Home Field Advantage – A date at your own house.

Journeyman – A person who has been around for a long time, but plays an important part of your life, night, event, situation.  See also “role player”.

Playoffs – When a woman is pregnant.

Press Conference – A date.  See also “at-bat”.

Restricted Free Agent – A person who is single but is currently talking to someone.

Review of The Play – The gameplan.  See also “Kendrick”.

Ring – A person who has children.  See also “championship”.

Road Game – A date at the other person’s house.

Roster – A combination of your “tag team” friends and “draft picks”.

Prospect – Age groups 13-17.

Scouting Report – Information on a person.

Tag Team – Your most trusted friends.

Teammate – A friend.

Upset – An extremely hot person dating an ugly one.

Unrestricted Free Agent – A recently single person who are talking to multiple people looking to get a new contract”.  See also “Restricted Free Agent”.

Waivers – When a “contract” ends (breaking up).

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