Baseball Codes

Around The Horn – Being passed around a group sexually by a group of friends.

At Bat – A date.  See also “press conference”.

Back To Back – When two people have sex with the same person on the same night, but not at the same time.  See also “belly-to-belly”.

Balk – The moment a potential draft pick” gives you the eye, but you or that person fails to make any move.

Batting Helmet – A condom.

Broken In Glove – A woman who is not a virgin.

Bullpen – The moment a person gets “sandmaned” very quickly.

Bunt – A weak attempt to spit game.

Caught Stealing – When a person is caught cheating.  Relates to “tampering”.

Club Option – A promise ring.

Clubhouse – Hang out spot.

Closer – Someone who comes in to solve a problem.  See “hot tag”.

Corked Bat – A male who uses Viagra® or similar products during intimacy.

Crushing The Ball – Great mindblowing sex.

Disabled List – When a person is injured, sick or hurt.  See also “I.R. (injured reserve)”.

Double – The second base.  Any action with the chest area.

Doubleheader – Two “at bats” or “press-conferences” in one day.

Heavy Hitter – An overweight person.

Hit And Run – When you hit a “homerun”  and do not call, text or email the person back.

Hit By Pitch – When all you receive at the end of the “at bat” is a handshake.

Hit For The Cycle – Touching all 4 bases on the same date.

Homerun To get laid.  To have sex.

Inside The Park Homerun – A quickie.

Lockerroom – The bathroom.

Mound Visit – A personal meeting among friends. See “teammates”.

Pitch Count – The maximum number of drinks a person can consume, before they are drunk.  See also “Brie Mode”.

Plate Appearance – A date. See “at-bat”.

Reliever – A person with a low “pitch count”.

Rotation – Your current top 5 draft picks”.

Single – The first base.  To kiss or makeout.

Slump – When you are in a drought.

Slumpbuster – When you are in a slump, and you find a person to break you out of it.  Usually, a “hit and run” is performed with a “heavy hitter”.

Staff Ace – Your #1 “Draft Pick” in the “rotation”.

Stolen Base – When you surprise your draft pick” and gain an extra base.

Strikeout – Getting rejected.

Switch Hitter –  A person who is bi-sexual.

Triple – To reach third base.  Sex that is not intercourse.

Walk – When all you receive is a hug during an “at-bat”.

Walkoff – Receiving a “homerun” on the 1st night.

Wild Pitch – Stumbling or falling down while drunk.