Pro-Wrestling Code Words

AJ Lee – Often used to describe that one hyper, crazy, out there “draft pick” that only lasted for a “cup of coffee”.

Alex Wright  – any person, place or thing that is techno related.

Alex Wright

Austin – that buzzed feeling you get from a couple of “Steveweisers”.

Belly-To-Belly – when two people have sex with the same person on the same night, but not at the same time.

Big Bossman – slang for a police officer or cop.

Big Red Machine – when a woman’s special friend is in town, we like to say. . .they’re dealing with the Big Red Machine.

Brie Mode – A state of drunken stupor a female gets after being over their “pitch count”. 

Cash In – special occasion sex.

Championship – children.  See also “ring”.

CM Punk – a straight edge person.

Fearless Nikki – a female with breast implants.

Hall of Famer – An attractive person ages 50 an over.

Hot Tag –  To bring in your fresh partner, during an activity.

Jeff Hardy – a person who uses prescription pills for the use of getting stoned.

Katie Vick – to have sex with someone while they’re sleeping.

Kendrick – A plan.  See also “Review Of The Play”.

Marlena – A cigar.

Orton – A person who has anger issues.

Paige – A gothic female.

Raven – A depressed individual.

Rosa Mendes – a female who gets pregnant by unexpectedly.

RVD – marijuana.

Sandman – to be drunk.

Scott Hall’d – to no show an event or party or to puke.

Trouble In Paradise – when problems occur in your relationship.

X-Pac – when you need to go to rehab.


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