Hold The Celery Please #gross

August 16, 2018

Why is it the standard for all deli’s to input celery into their tuna, chicken, and turkey salads?  Who decided that this was the norm?  Did some deli-worker way back when, decide this was the stock formula?  Now, every delicatessen and food market store across the land must wake up and pre-stuff their batches with watery chunks of this green slimy vegetable?  We here at RATEDFU.com would really like to know, because we are tired of picking booger like pieces out of our beloved tuna lunches, and calling our favorite lunch spots 6 hours in advance to have the nice people custom make the tuna without celery included.

We can promise you, that if we ever owned a spot of our own, we would NEVER EEEEEVEERR include gross celery into our favorite lunch salads.  Heck, the good people at Subway don’t.  For others who think celery is yucky, and know of delicious spots who don’t include it in their foods, please let us know.  Drop a comment below.  We will list them in a special section on our website for their efforts!  We want to hear from you!  If you follow us on Instagram, feel free to use the hashtag, #gross, #holdtheceleryplease and #ratedfu.