Oakley Sunglasses Product Review

Oakley Men's Carbon Prime Sunglasses

Welcome to 2018!  Introducing Product Reviews!

Effective immediately, we will be reviewing and rating popular brands of products with the hopes of streamlining that information directly to you, our RatedFu consumer.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see reviewed, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Our 1st round pick to kick off the segment of reviews is a pair of Oakley Men's Carbon Prime Sunglasses.  For the complete list of products we will strive to cover, please head on over to Product Reviews.

Popular Brands Product Review: Oakley Men's Carbon Prime Sunglasses


Initially, when Oakley released the Carbon Prime glasses, even us here at Ratedfu, couldn't get our hands on them.  Even when we could, we first balked at the price.  $660 for a pair of glasses?  That's rent to some people.  However, we are glad that Oakley launched them again and did a price drop of $150, because these are probably the best pair of sunglasses we've ever tried on.  The eyewear is made of a carbon fiber that you so rarely see on eyewear, and has a curve that is so sharp it is breathtaking.  While you wear these glasses on your face, they feel so light.  It almost feels like wearing a bag of paper clips.  The noise piece is a bit narrow, so if you have a big nose, beware or you may have to adjust/remove the nose guard.  But, the resulting hold is very secure.  I did a test for you guys!  While, we are on negatives, I wasn't too thrilled about the case that was provided with my purchase, but again, the glasses make up for it.

For those who like to use Oakley for sports, like baseball, hunting, or skiing, there shouldn't be any complaints either, because the spacing and coverage of the lens is in my opinion optimal, yet at the same time very casual.  There are hardly any gaps and it shouldn't wrap or rub up against your cheeks.


The Carbon Prime is more than 3 times than the average Oakley pair of glasses. There is a limited version of these and they come in various colors.  They may not be the be the best choice for your first or even second pair of Oakley's.  However, you'll make a statement, they are worth every penny and after wearing these for 48 hours, loved every minute.



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The Top 5 Baseball Codes

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2. Walkoff – Receiving a “homerun” on the 1st night.

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