Metal Music is Fashionable???

September 10, 2021

Isn’t it sad that silly rappers can help a genre of music more than the makers of that music themselves? For example, every time a Kanye West or a Wiz Khalifia wear a Metallica or Cradle of Filth t-shirt in public, the media, seem to take notice. I for one cannot stand this. If you can prove that that Kylie Janner knows all the lyrics to “Blackened” or Justin Bieber understands the difference between Rob Halford and Ripper Owens, then by all means go out and support these poser mindless consumer driven puppets. There is no other reason I see besides “it looks cool” or to be a “trend setter” for their millions of Instagram followers. This is also another perfect example of things coming full circle. Even that artists new merchandise collection is a direct ripoff of that 80’s satanic evil era. It makes you ask yourself, what exactly are they selling? Music or a bigger agenda? All I know is that to quote Gene Simmons, the greatest marketer in the rock business, “all press is good press.”