Update & Legal Mumbo Jumbo

August 2, 2017

Hi all,

Tank here. Been awhile since I last checked in with the blog. It’s been a hectic few months on the back-end side of Rated Fu, Inc. Recently, we added our privacy policy and terms and conditions to the site.  It’s just another small step to legitimizing Rated Fu in the world of business. Plus, it helps us cover our asses if anyone thinks we are stealing their information and selling it off to telemarketers or other lowlifes. Other than that, all else is good in the world of Rated Fu. We still have a lot of content to add and big moves to make. We hope to get merchandise on the website soon. For example, t-shirts and hats. But, being a two man operation, things take time. If you can find it in your hearts to share the website, visit the twitter, and possibly donate to the PayPal or Indigogo cause that would be great. We have an Indiegogo page set up that is for funding purposes. I’ll insert the link below. Thanks for browsing, and thanks for reading.


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